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 by The Buffalo Skinners

With four active and contributing songwriters in the group,

The Buffalo Skinners are painting from a broad palette of influence. The result being a rare depth of musicality and creativity. You certainly won’t hear the same song twice, but you’ll unmistakably hear the same sound. A sound that exists somewhere in the time and space between T. Rex, The Smiths, The Felice Brothers and Big Thief.  At the heart of the group are the voices of Peter Seccombe, Robbie Thompson and James Nicholls the three members who formed the band a decade ago.


With recent addition of lead guitarist Phil Nixon, 2019 sees The Buffalo Skinners at the beginning of a new chapter of an already colourful musical career. Previous adventures have included extensive touring (UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Norway, America), festival appearances (Glastonbury, Cambridge Folk Festival, BBC Radio 2 live in Hyde Park, Wilderness, Deer Shed, Tramlines), and three full length studio albums, the most recent of these being 2016’s ‘Cease Your Dreaming’  produced by Mercury Prize nominated Colin Eliot (Richard Hawley, Kylie, Slow Club).  


The first page of this next chapter however is undoubtedly forthcoming single ‘Do What You Want’. Recorded to 2 inch tape with Jamie Lockhart and Rob Slater at Leeds' Greenmount studios (The Cribs, Brawlers, The Vaccines) 


Curiously enough, the studio is the proud owner of the very tape machine that recorded The Beatles in Hamburg, and listening to ‘Do What You Want’, it’s hard not to feel like some of the spirit of The Beatles in Hamburg has found its way onto this record, its energetic Rock ’n’ Roll drowning in harmonies and has a sense of urgency that is absolutely reminiscent of that period of The Beatles, whilst remaining overtly modern in sentiment.  

‘Do What You Want’ is a Rock ’n’ Roll song that buoyantly champions the individual’s right to self expression.   


“It’s about escaping judgement of your individuality in the suburb you’ve grown up in, to walk the diverse city, invisible and accepted,” says Phil of the song, his first co-written contribution to the band. 

He has already proved himself an essential member, along with the other four: Peter Seccombe (guitar & vocals), Robbie Thompson (bass & vocals), James Nicholls (violin & vocals) and Miles Stapleton (drums). His sometimes spiky sometimes mellow guitar combining and complimenting James Nicholls’ dirty violin, to create a new sonic avenue for the band to explore. 


With The Buffalo Skinner’s previous releases having earned the attention, air-play and esteem of Bob Harris, Steve Lamacq, Janice Long, Jericho Keys, Cerys Matthews, Dermot O’Leary and Paul Jones, there are high expectations for ‘Do What You Want’ and beyond. 


The bar is also set pretty high for the next batch of live performances. With new songs and a new member, there is a palpable buzz in the camp at present. The Buffalo Skinners’ live shows are life affirming and inclusive. There’s an authenticity in the youthful energy of these boyhood friends from the North of England that’s irresistibly infectious and absolutely invites you to be a part of it. 


The music of The Buffalo Skinners is full bodied, rich and warm, but it’s the sweetness of the two, three and four part vocal harmony pouring on top and soaking into each song that gives the band their unique sound and a well earned pitch on the map of exciting new music to be discovered in 2019.    

The Buffalo Skinners are working on a fourth full length album, again teaming up with Jamie Lockhart and Rob Slater at Greenmount, to be released next year.

"Their music is painted vividly across a broad canvas, using a palette that draws easily from traditional folk and rock’n’roll"

-God Is In the TV


- Bob Harris,

BBC Radio 2


“Unfeasibly young and talented ” 
- No Depression


"They just got the crowd going and
had a roaring reception. Astonishing."

- Janice Long,

BBC Radio 2

"Jolly Exciting!"

- Cerys Matthews,

BBC 6 Music

"Buskers made good!"
- Steve Lamacq

BBC Radio

"Packed with neat lyrical turns and melodies that recall Whitney's debut album" 
Track of the Day

- Clash Magazine

"They come across like a rockabilly Beach Boys;

We Get Along reworking

I Get Around in another genre and generation."  
-NARC Magazine


The Buffalo Skinners are a young Sheffield band and are worth checking out … they’re good fun!

- Richard Hawley

"Their slow songs are sweet, their fast songs are fun."
- Folk and Honey

"They seem to be having so much fun themselves that the audience can’t help but do the same."

-For Folks Sake